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Wednesday, 16 April 2014
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Monday, 08 November 2010 21:37

Using Canvas Prints as Wall Decoration

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Home decorations are often difficult to set up. Making the right choices as to the kind of décor to be put up in the home environment is going to eventually go a long way to determine the overall outlook of the house you live in. There are many components present in home decoration relative to decoration type and decoration areas.

The way a living room is made up for example would invariably revolve around the furniture placement, the color scheme, paintings and wall hangings, flooring (whether tiles, rug/ carpets or marbles), lighting and chandeliers etc, and all these decoration areas are further detailed by the decoration types used.

A wall hanging decoration looks classy and gives meaning to the place it decorates. Canvas printing is an appropriate type of wall decoration in the homes and offices that offers brilliance to the area. Wall decorations are picked out to match, blend or work with the wall colors of a particular room or wall area. The purpose of putting these decorations up is to accentuate the beauty already present in the room with added features and exquisiteness. The canvas print would achieve this without fuss. It comes in any color theme you choose as well as picture image.

The canvas print is usually a large picture object, it may be ordered framed up with wood or any other framing material that meets your taste and then hung on home walls. Old or new photos are transferable on the canvas sheets. The beauty of this technology is you can get up just about any kind of photo – personal, landscape, wildlife, people, lovely panoramas and exotic images on the canvas, and the photo looks wonderful.

For canvas printing all you require is to provide a digital image that you want to see on the canvas. You can also provide a scanned image for the canvas print. Basically this means that you can use unlimited types of images.  We are also offering a great selection of ready made images

In the office areas however, they are of more use as ad campaign portraits for the product being sold by the firm in question. The canvas print portrait is very suitable for indoor advertisements and campaigns usable just about anywhere which may include malls, filling stations, banking halls, fashion houses and so on.

Another advantage of the canvas printing technology lies in the fact that it is of a relatively low cost in nature and is therefore affordable. The low cost feature of canvas prints is perhaps one of the main reasons for it suitability as a gift to other people. 

Friday, 05 November 2010 22:25

Canvas Printing – Is it a Good Idea?

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When you will hang it on your wall, you walls will definitely look more attractive. Now you can print your photographs the way you didn’t do before by using canvas print. Canvas print is a product of an image that is printed by using a canvas that is stretched in a frame. Canvas print is a great gift for this coming holiday season for your family or loved ones.

Canvas printing is the new medium to show off your photography skills. Previously amateur photographers just ordered prints from Internet sites like Flickr and Webshots. The photos from these sites were of great quality and customers really liked them, but they missed that special personal touch that should be there in the photos corresponding to the birthdays, anniversaries or wedding. However, with advent of the new product called canvas printing in the market, the entire online printing process has revolutionized. As a matter of fact companies have now started printing the digital photos on the canvas.

There are many advantages of printing on canvas. First, it is a unique idea. It is definitely exciting to open a gift that is different from the rest of the gifts. Second, canvas prints are simply elegant. Canvas conveys a feeling of old times. It’s as if your photos have been painted by the old masters. The grain is very different from the paper – there is a softness and elegance in the canvas which paper can’t match.

Diverse range of photos can be printed on canvas. Right from black and white to computer generated ones, any photo can be transferred and printed on a canvas. There is single restriction – for digital photos the photo should be clicked at a resolution setting of 2 megapixels or more. And this requirement increases for bigger digital photos, which may need usage of a digital SLR camera. Thus it is always a good idea to shoot your photo on a high resolution, provided that you have enough space on your memory card.

Yet another advantage of canvas prints is their durability. The canvas prints are treated with the UV enhanced pigments which help in deflecting sun rays that cause damage. Additionally the canvas is treated with a water resistant coating. Thus these photos can last for a lifetime as against the print photos which last for not more than 15 years.

Printing your digital photos on canvas is a great way to get that exciting new touch to your work.    

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When reproducing images on canvas media there is a lot of freedom - choice of media, choice of printers, finish and frame options. I would like to concentrate today how to make sure we can get best canvas prints from your photos at the very early stages. Some of the options discussed may be available to the owners of DSLR cameras only, some will apply to any digital cameras. With DSLR's it is crucial to choose shooting your images in RAW firmat. This format is actually free from any colour gamut cuts that are imposed by any colour space. We see very often that even after RAW files have been processed they are actually given sRGB colour space - which isn't going to contain all colours captured. Similarily Adobe RGB 1998 can also clip some colours but is much wider. It is much better to use this space - our goal in mind is to keep as many colour tones as possible. That allows to keep all smooth gradients and wide gamut of colours. There are some colours that will suffer more from assigning sRGB profile than others, but generally it will improve most pictures and certainly will not cause any colour loss in comparison to sRGB. We do also use Pro Photo RGB space which has a masive gamut but it only makes sense to use it in conjunction with 16-bit processing and printing. We have printed some images for professional customers using 16-bit workflow with good results. The improvement is probably more visible on paper substrates rather than canvas printing as canvas media texture makes some fine details to be lost anyway. It doesn't make much of a difference when printing on canvas. And as the reason is canvas texture there is no point in using 16-bit workflows for canvas prints ever.

Getting back to the subject of camera settings - please make sure to always use best quality settings available - it will pay off in the future. Not only when you decide to print it on canvas but it also allows to zoom in to the photo - and maybe choose different cropping if necessary. Processing RAW files does takes a bit of practice - but also gives all the control to us - it basically captures the data as gathered by camera  sensor. If you use jpg format - automated algorithims will remove most of the data and slash most of it only leaving very generic reprsentation of them. The worst part is that there is no going back - the data is lost forever. With the RAW we can make many different versions of the image and only save it with some loosles compresion options like .tiff or even .psd.

Saturday, 16 October 2010 20:39

Really large canvas photo prints

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We are very excited to offer new massive sizes - up to 2.5m wide - that is 104inch (!). The length as usual can be anything... This service os more designed for short term application - guaranteed fade resistnace times are up to 3 years outdoor which is increased to 5 if laminated. If used for indoors the printer manufacturer guarantees up to 5 years and up to 10 (once laminated). We have just produced our first canvas using this new machine - it is our own advertising banner :-) - results are really good - this printer prints at 1200x1200 dpi which at such a large size gives exceptional quality. This product is designed mainly for advertising/interior decoration of larger format. We are not going to offer this service through our canvas prints orderign system. However if you are interested in such a large prints don't hesitate to contact us and we will gladly provide you with a quote. Each application is different, there are many different substrates apart from canvas that we can use - also installation aspects varies and that's why we need to ask a lot of questions before giving you correct price. We also welcome any trade enquiries for larger amounts. This is a new level in our canvas printing service which we are very excited about.

Thursday, 14 October 2010 22:33

New stretcher bars for canvas prints

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As from now we have decided to move our service another step up with the introduction on new European pine stretcher bars. This new bars are of a highest available quality. They are being produced by computerised cutting machine and provide best fit and longevity. We are also keeping our prices unchanged. We are commited to offer highest quality canvas prints. We are proud to say that all aspects of our production have reached the highest level. Our canvas printing techniques are based on experience of good preparation of photos before printing - which has its roots in a colour calibrated worfklow and also professional rip software. Every photo is assesed by our mac operators who check image quality, colour and prepares the image before printing on canvas. We are also constantly working on improvements on any aspects of our service. We felt that one area which was worth upgrading was the stretcher bars. Although the bars we used until now were also producing professional results and will last same amount of time - new bars give even better fit, and perfect finish which will last. We are still offering both 18mm and 38 mm thickness - thinner bars can be better if you want to keep more of your photo on the face of the canvas or also for smaller size canvas prints where thinner bars may be more appropriate. Where necessary, on large canvas prints we are also inserting cross bars to improve stability and shape of the canvas. The sizes we offer do not change, with the largest canvas size we offer 'of the shelf' being a massive 40"x72" canvas print.   

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