From now on we are offering free proofs on all canvas prints above £100 (normally £8) . Actually this applies also to giclee prints. This option will be suggested automatically when the value of any canvas exceeds £100. We appreciate that when you are planing on spending that amount of money on a single canvas print you may want to make sure that is going to be exactly to your expectations. So once the size and all other options have been chosen just tick the box 'Printed proof required'. You can finalize your order and pay for the product only. We will prepare printed & varnished proofs. There will be one piece of chosen media showing section of your image in 1:1 scale. Another piece will be either a different part of the image or scaled copy of th whole image (depending on canvas size). You can expect the proofs to arrive within 2-3 workin days. Once you have received the proofs please contact us - and confirm whether you're happy to proceed. If you require amends/adjustments to your image (i.e. changes in brightness, colour saturation or tone) we will provide additional proofs at no charge as well. If you decide not to go ahead with your canvas prints at all - we will refund the whole amount you have paid. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any specific proofing options - i.e. want to try a few files with different adjustment at the same time.