Latest Espon 9890 printers were launched in UK in January 2011. We always make sure to use latest technology in order to provide excelent products to our customers. Printers have arrived today and after initial calibration and test will be used for all new prints shortly. First differencies between our 'older' 9880 models are in size and weight but also - new printers are very quiet which is a nice change :)

We are also very excited to be joining Epson's Digigraphie program in the near future. It is the installation of the latest 9890 models which allows to create prints which can achieve highest quality and can be signed as a Digigraphie.  There are simple rules that need to be followed to create Digigraphie:

- the use of selected Epson printers using Ultrachrome TM inks,

- using selected and certified media

- prints must be authenticated, numbered, signed by the artist and also embossed with relief stamp.

There are also moral obligations that all of the steps above are always fulfilled.

Digigraphie is in some ways similar to the idea of creating limited edition prints wre added value is certainty that they are created by well experienced printmakers using the right technology/materials.