Why do we varnish our canvas prints? I was quite shocked when reading suggestions that the companies that do varnish their canvases do it only to produce goods in bulk and because they store them for a long period of time there is a chance that they will get damaged and therefore the only reason to varnish is to prevent this from happening. This is truly unbelievable. Main reason for which this theory doesn't hold is that the canvas prints can not be produced in mass and bulk upfront - why? because we print customer's own photos and also usually it is just one copy of the image printed on canvas, not a mass amount of them.

It is interesting to see what kind of arguments our competitors would come up with just to hide the fact that varnish is an essential part of any canvas prints. Of course it adds protection against accidental damage and scratches that can happen during production, transport and also while they are hanged on your walls. I can't see any reason why this can be a bad?

But try reasons behind usage of canvas varnish are also:

- it protects canvas from UV therefore prolonging its life,

- it enriches the colours and adding more contrast,

- it acts as a moisture barrier - which allows to wipe it with a damp cloth if necessary,

- it produces professional look & finish desired by many customers.


So with this knowledge and the fact that we don't actually charge extra for using the varnish it makes it much easier to choose the printer of your canvas.