Canvas media close up photo

When you decide to print your photos on canvas you will definitely want them to last. To create canvases that will have a long lifespan and will stay in your family for decades they need to be done in the right way. Firstly the canvas used must be of  a decent quality - we have come across many distributors who contact us and offer their canvas media - and I have to say that sadly there is a lot of really poor stuff out there. Although it would be very cheaply priced tempting unexperienced printers to use them - the colour gamut and ink adherence will be very bad. And to make sure that we have the right media we do test them from time to time. Most of cheap canvas is made from 100% polyester - it is actually even hard to call it a canvas - it is very thin and artificial substance which lacks the feel, quality and printing characteristics of the proper canvas. I don't actually have anything against polyester itself - in fact all of the canvases we use do have polyester content - and this has been proven to have really good effect on the canvas media. It is adding stability against contraction and expansion to the standard canvas which reacts to humidity. There are uses for polyester canvases - a lot of cheap advertising is actually printed on polyester canvas using solvent inks - creating waterproof & outdoor ready products. So there are of course places where polyester canvas can be used. In my opinion though for the purpose of reproducing photos on canvas where we care more about quality and longevity polycotton canvas should be used. Please read more about our canvas printing process.