It is quite amazing to see that many of our competitiors still do not use or even discourage from use special type of varnish to protect your canvas prints. As you can imagine the only reason for that is purely cost and additional time required to apply the varnish. On other hand I would strongly advice not to have a canvas print which has not been varnished.  There is more information on that in many places on our website -  Canvas varnish.  Just to summarize here are main advantages of using canvas varnish:

- it protects againt UV, mould, mechanical damages

- makes canvas print damp proof - they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth,

- it extends their life and stops colours from fading

- it enhances colours and contrast of you canvas.

Also to find out all on this subject throughout the website please type 'canvas varnish' on the front page. This will find all entries containing advice on usage of varnish on canvas photo prints.

Please remember that not only we always use varnish on your canvas but also offer 4 different types - Gloss, Matt, Semigloss and Semimatt. In most cases gloss/semigloss finish is a practical option. Matt and semimatt version is often used where canvas is in direct sunlight on any other source on light - using matt varnish will minimize 'glare'. Also matt varnish is often used by professional customers where colour reproduction is absolutely crucial. Please bare in mind that glossy varnish does affect colours although in a positive way - they are becoming more vivid, and dark tones are becoming even darker.

By default we are using semigloss version of the varnish, if you'd like us to use any different please make this note in the comments box when you place your order.

Varnish used for canvas photo prints