We are still open and shipping canvas during Covid-19

Part of the a special charm of your photo on canvas is that the photo can go 'around the edge' adding a whole new dimension as opposed to standard framed photo. However please bear in mind that not every picture is suitable for it. As our frame is 40mm deep, it needs about 40mm all the way around to be wrapped. Now, if the subject of the photo is too close to the edge that means that it is going to be wrapped around. There is a number of ways to overcome this, and don't forget that we always send you the proof before actual printing, so nothing gets done without your approval.

Let’s imagine that you have sent us the photo on the left to have it printed on canvas. Move your mouse over it to see how much of the picture will be wrapped around when it is printed onto 12”x16” canvas frame. Anything that is in a grey area will be wrapped around the frame - this is called gallery wrap.


Flower canvas prints with mirrored edges

Now move your mouse over the second picture - this shows how parts of your picture may be mirrored - allowing all of your photo to appear on the front face of the canvas. Please note that not all pictures are suitable for mirrored edges - i.e. when someone's face is close to the edges - it may not be appropriate option to have an eye or ear mirrored.


Flower canvas print with colour edge frameYour picture can have any colour wrapped around the frame, this can be either taken from the picture itself or any other of your choice. Please let us know via email after you have placed your order if you have any colour preference. Otherwise we will use our judgement and send you a proof via email for acceptance before producing your canvas print.


picture showing how much photo is lost at 38mm deep canvas printpicture showing how much photo is lost at 18mm deep canvas printAnother  way to keep more of the picture on the front face of your canvas print is to select a bigger size - wrap size is always the same - regardless of the overall canvas size - 40mm. For example - if your canvas is 400mm x 400mm - 10% will be wrapped around.
If you select canvas twice as big - 800 mm x 800mm - only 5% will be wrapped around the sides. Please see our Canvas resolution guide for an idea how big your canvas can be based on your chosen photo.

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