How to choose right size for canvas printing?


Since we wrote this article, we have developed our own canvas photo prints ordering system. It is the easiest way to assess your photo and find out not only the best size but also see exactly how your photo will fit onto the selected size. This makes the canvas ordering experience a lot easier; it doesn't require any specialist knowledge or software. 


Canvas Prints Resolution Guide

A digital picture is made out of a grid of pixels (tiny dots that can have any colour). The camera resolution determines how many of them your picture has. When it comes to  canvas printing, the answer is easy - the more pixels, the better. The advantage of cameras with a higher resolution is that there are more pixels to work with, so when the picture is enlarged, pixelation doesn't occur as much. Generally even for the smallest frame size, pictures should be at least 500Kb in size.


Where high-quality reproduction is necessary and a customer possesses a high-quality image, we would recommend using at least 200dpi effective resolution. We can also provide a 16-bit workflow which does produce much better results. This usually require large files to be sent to us. We can provide ftp server login details for file transfer. Please visit the trade canvas printing section for more information.


How to check your photo size under Windows?

Right click on your picture. Left click 'Properties' on the very bottom. Then left click 'Summary'.

This is showing how to determine image size for canvas photo prints

There are techniques of enlarging images that can significantly help to produce good results, even from smaller pictures. Sometimes the degree to which it can be enlarged depends on the subject of the picture, before losing sharpness or pixels becoming noticeable. This is why we recommend you to send us your file for assessment, especially if your desired size is in orange/red box on the chart above. We will make sure that it is possible to achieve a good quality canvas print so you will not be dissapointed with your purchase.


As for any existing paper photos (taken using a standard camera), negatives, or slides - we can scan them at the resolution required by any size you would like your canvas to be. When ordering photos on canvas scanning is free of charge. We use SCREEN Cezanne Elite scanner - one of the best flat bed scanners available. We can scan with an optical resolution up to 5300 dpi which allows around 35 times magnification. In simple words - a small negative or slide can be made into the largest frame that we do. Please note that although there is no problem with scanning and printing your file at the magnification mentioned above, your negative/slide may not produce good quality results. In that case we will contact you and ask for your opinion before proceeding with the order. In reality, 35mm films were not designed to produce very large prints, so a considerable amount of grain is visible at high magnifications. If you would like to have some more photos/slides scanned and burned onto a CD/DVD, please contact us for a quote. We can also bring any old photographs to life, by removing crease marks, damage and enhancing colours.

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